Sep 09

A few session proposals

Here are a number of proposed THATCamp discussion topics from participants’ registration forms. Please leave any comments below, or create a new post with your own session proposal. Friday morning at the THATCamp we will vote, negotiate and schedule the sessions for the day, so if there is a topic you are interested in discussing, make sure you post it on the site!

  • Discussion about the future of libraries, particularly in the humanities
  • Collaboration models for faculty and librarians
  • Library support: what can we do for/with you? Big dreams, what works, what doesn’t
  • Integrating social media effectively in my courses to increase student engagement
  • Discussion of ideas that will help involve students in critical consumption of digital materials
  • Teaching what you do to a variety of audiences
  • Using TEI/XML in the classroom
  • Using digital humanities in research on and teaching of ethnic literatures and cultures
  • Impact of DH on the study of race and ethnicity
  • Developing a proposal for a distributed feminist hack-fest
  • Infrastructure: how to develop a center for digital humanities on a shoestring. How to foster collaboration
  • Collaborations across job descriptions, across long distance
  • After the grant is spent: Sustaining DH support
  • Training graduate students in the digital humanities. What skills are needed and how are they best acquired? Credentialing
  • Ephemera and its circulation in the digital world
  • Video editing and sharing techniques (especially in educational contexts)

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