September 11 Digital Archive

Exhibit 16 Checkpoint Operators Guide


Exhibit 16 Checkpoint Operators Guide

How has your life changed because of what happened on September 11, 2001?

Back in 2016, I submitted several documents which you now include in your Boston Federal Aviation Administration Filings collection.

One of these is listed as Exhibit 16 Checkpoint Operators Guide Standard Operating Procedures.

When I submitted that document, I was unaware that the Transportation Security Administration had redacted a couple of very important pages.

Those pages can now be found at the link below.

It is my hope that you can enter those pages into your 9/11 Digital Archive because they include the fact that box cutters, mace and pepper spray were items that the airline industry's COG specifically identified as items not allowed to enter the sterile area.

If you recall, these specific items were used by the terrorists on 9/11. The FAA (and later the TSA), and airlines wanted to keep public knowledge of this fact to a minimum, albeit the likely reason these pages were initially redacted.

From the airlines perspective, the fact that precluded items made it on to the hijacked planes might adversely impact their liability.

Now that all that litigation has come to a close, it would be good to maintain these pages as part of your digital 9/11 history.

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Thank you for your time and consideration.

Brian F. Sullivan
FAA Special Agent (Ret)


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