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How has your life changed because of what happened on September 11, 2001?

It was a beautiful september morning in wisconsin. I was working and had just stepped into the second building where the tv was located when I noticed everyone watching the television. Normaly I wouldnt think much of it but they looked like they were watching an action movie however all their faces were grim and one woman had tears streaming down her face. Just as I was about to speak I realized this was a special news event. They showed the first tower and kept saying that a small plane had hit the tower. I am an airplane buff and from the hole I saw I knew that this was no small plane. As I gazed in disbelief the second plane hit. At that very moment time stopped for me and everything seemed to go into slow motion. At that very moment I realized that nothing was ever going to be the same and the loss of life was horrendous. I knew that our economy would eventually employd and that we were in a state of war. I was 46 years old and still remember my 2 year engagement in the army during vietnam. I thought of all the live's that were going to be lost in the future and the blood that would be shed to keep our freedom's intact. I still cannot watch 9/11 footage without tears in my eyes. 10 years later does not diminish the anger I have and no amount of time ever will. My prayer is that I am long gone when the next world changing event occurs. 9/11 changed me from a happy go lucky guy that frivolously ran thru life into an introspective,faith based,and cautious person. I matured more that day, in those moments more than any other event in my life. I still beleive that this is the greatest nation on earth , but our greatness is in our diversity. We are strong because of our differences. 9/11 has made me a better human being and thats what all the lives lost have done for me. Their sacrifices have lifted us higher. My hope is that the rest of my life will reflect what their sacrifce gave to me

How will you remember the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks?

quit meditation, prayer and many tears for all those who have left us long before they were ment to.


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