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"Toward a more perfect union","

The totality of the thrust of all government and corporate actions since/before 9-11 are not designed to solve foreign or domestic issues but to fight them. I believe that when you fight a problem, you are hiring people and spending money and your fame and fortune grows. If the problem is solved, then you have to fire people; you receive less money; your power and influence diminishes. This one fact alone is the reason fighting the issue takes on a life all its own and becomes self-perpetuating. Therefore, it boils down to: The greatest fortune and the most fame comes NOT from solving problems but from fighting one wee facet of the problem while spreading Hate, Havoc, Hypocrisy and Fear in the aftermath of unresolved issues.

ALL governments are control freaks. The appointed bureaucrats/officials are worse than the elected officials. Adding non-accountability to those appointed/elected officials when they wrong the citizen and then not giving the people any recourse against those same officials, is leading this nation to disaster.

Case in point: Homeland Defense. Hitler combined the military, the police and the intelligence agency into a Fatherland Defense Force called the GESTAPO. The parallels between these two organizations are more than scary.

Summation: The two most powerful and controlling emotions in society are fear and patriotism. Combining these two emotions, we have the media blitz we have today. Two powerful personal emotions are Agony and Despair -- AKA the Gatekeepers Of Hell. When a person has nothing to lose, that person cannot be controlled; therefore, he must be killed or locked up. Homeland Defense will make our constitution stink because it will be used as toilet paper by those in-charge. There is no enemy more tenacious and dedicated to your destruction than the one you make in your own home


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