Jongmin Lee

  • Title / Position: Graduate Student
  • Organization: Virginia Tech

I am PhD student at Science and Technology Studies at Virginia Tech. I am writing a dissertation on the relationship between pollution control technology and regulatory policy at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency during the 1970s. As part of my dissertation project, I am interested in processing large data of people, disease, bureaucracy, and map into a more accessible form online or in classroom. This academic year I am here at the Linda Hall Library, Kansas City, Missouri as residential fellow. Everyday I am chatting with historians and librarians who have been maintaining science and engineering collections. I wondered what new technologies, either information, graphic, or social, changed the work of historians, librarians, and humanities scholars for the last 30 years. What about the next 30 years? If there is anything we may want to save from those 60 years of change, what would that be?

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